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Types Of Roll Off Dumpsters and Containers For Rent

Stay at Home Dumpsters

For weekly trash collection, you most likely need a container that can be left on-site. This small type of container needs to be placed where there is enough space for the hauling truck to back up to it. Sizes of these type containers range from 2 to 10 cubic yards.

At the low end of the size range, the 2 cubic yard container is usually on wheels and can be transported to the hauling truck if space is tight.

This type of on-site container comes in two varieties. There is not much difference between the two and the choice may be made because of availability for rental.

Front End Loader (FEL)

As is most likely obvious from the name, the collection truck approaches the FEL from the front and picks it up from the front of the truck.

Rear Loader (RL).

Again obvious, but with the RL,the truck approaches by backing up to the container and picks it up from the back of the truck.

Dumpster service charges for this type of container are quoted on a per month basis and include the container rental charge and the rubbish pickup and disposal fee.

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The Travellers...Roll-Off Containers

Roll-Off containers differ from the small containers above for 2 main reasons.

First, and most important, as you can tell by the name "roll-off" they are "rolled off" the site to be loaded onto the hauling truck. Rubbish is taken away from the area for disposal.

The second difference is that these containers are larger ranging in size from 10 to 40 cubic yards. They are used for sites which generate a high volume of trash.

Roll-Off dumpsters come in two types:

Open Roll Off Containers

These containers are loaded from the top or in the back door. They are most common to construction and demolition sites.

Prices for this service can be one total lump sum price with a weight limit and overage rates or a breakdown of pickup, rental and disposal for specific driving distances.

Closed Roll Off Containers

These are used with stationary compactors. Closed on the top, they are loaded through the end via a compactor. The compactor remains stationary, but when the roll-off attached to it is full, it is taken away for disposal .

Prices quoted are usually for rental, pickup and disposal charge on a per ton basis.

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The Less is More Theory...Compactors

Compactors, again as the name implies, compact or "reduce" debris into a roll off container.

They are used for accounts which generate large amounts of trash daily. They come in two types:


A hydraulic compactor permanently attached to the roll-off container. The entire unit is taken away when full, emptied and returned.

Prices include rental, pickup charge and the disposal charge per ton of waste.

Stationary Compactor

permanently anchored to a concrete slab at the site of generation and that is unhooked from the stationary compactor when full and taken away for emptying.

Prices include rental of the stationary compactor and box, pickup charge and disposal charge per ton of rubbish.

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